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Immigration Law: An Open Casebook

Introducing the first open-source/open-access (that is, free) immigration law casebook.

Exam Archive

Includes old exam booklets from Administrative Law, Advanced Business Associations, Applied Immigration Law, Business Associations, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Crimmigration, Evidence, Federal Courts, Immigration Law, and Professional Responsibility.

Law Review Articles:

Universities as Vehicles for Immigrant Integration,
46 Fordham Urban Law Journal 580 (2019)
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The Mythology of Sanctuary Cities,
28 Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal 589 (2019)
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Pereira v. Sessions: A Jurisdictional Surprise for Immigration Courts,
50 Columbia Human Rights Law Review 1 (2019)
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A Citizenship Market,
2018 University of Illinois Law Review 969 (2018)
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Beauty and the Beast: Disney's Use of the Q and H-1B Visas,
12 NYU Journal of Law & Liberty 124 (2018)
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Opportunities & Anxieties: A Study of International Students in the Era of Trump,
22 Lewis & Clark Law Review 413 (2018)
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Can We Act Globally While Thinking Locally? Responding to Stella Burch Elias, The Perils and Possibilities of Refugee Federalism,
67 American University Law Review 217 (2017)
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A Cost Benefit Analysis of the Federal Prosecution of Immigration Crimes,
92 Denver University Law Review 863 (2015)
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"Vast Hordes... Crowding In Upon Us": The Executive Branch's Response to Mass Migration and the Legacy of Chae Chan Ping,
68 Oklahoma Law Review 185 (2015) (with Margaret Taylor)
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Chae Chan Ping at 125: An Introduction,
68 Oklahoma Law Review 3 (2015)
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Theories of Immigration Law,
46 Arizona State Law Journal 1211 (2014)
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Buying the American Dream: Using Immigration Law to Bolster the Housing Market,
81 Tennessee Law Review 829 (2014)
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Importing the Flawless Girl,
12 Nevada Law Journal 831 (2012)
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The Wonderful World of Disney Visas,
63 Florida Law Review 915 (2011)
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Patients without Borders: Extralegal Deportation by Hospitals,
78 University of Cincinnati Law Review 657 (2009)
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